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Marshal Arc - 400 & 630

Universal Make Full Thyristor Control 400 Amp. D/C Arc Rectifier with Digital Display meter for Amp. And Volt also suitable for cellulosic Electrodes.

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Strong Arc 400

Universal Make IGBT Inverter Control 400 Amp. D/C Arc Welder with full square wave IGBT Design with VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) and digital Display Meter suitable for cellulosic Electrodes

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Easy Mig 250/400/500

Universal Make Synergic Thyristor & Micro Processor Control Automatic 400 Amp. CO2/Mig Welding Machine with Separate Remote Control, Torch, Combo Regulator, Nine pre set program and all other accessories

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Ship Mig - 400 / 500

Universal Make Full digital IGBT Inverter controlled 400 Amp. CO2/Mag welding machine with Touch panel, 30 Memory Program, Torch, Combo Regulator, separate remote control and all accessories

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Thyrotig 315 & 500

  • Multi Use IC +Thyristor
  • Controlled DC Tig
  • Welding Machine 
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Air cut 70

Thyristor Controlled High Performance Super Air Plasma Cutting Machine AIR CUT 70

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